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About Magical Innovations Inc.

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Our Products

Preemie Power!

That's right, PREEMIE POWER, because while physically they may be a little delayed, preemies are wonderful babies. They have to have strong wills just to survive the NICU experience. But, unfortunately, they still have weakened muscles due to their early arrival. Often the grip strength is reduced and baby has difficulty moving against gravity. That is where our “Baby Barbell Rattle” the Ultimate Baby Rattle comes in. The grip is small enough for the smallest hands and the rattle is light and easy to lift. It has a soft, soothing sound that doesn’t startle our little ones and because it comes in bright colors, curious and inquisitive little eyes are drawn right to it. And as every mom and dad knows, baby can some times be a little drooly, so soft plastic and plush toys are difficult to keep sanitary. But, the Baby Barbell by Magical Innovations is top rack dishwasher safe. Cleanable, sanitary and with a host of other technical good stuff (click here to see the spec sheet), the Baby Barbell will help to jump start and encourage your brave little preemie (and full term babies too) to begin a life time of physical fitness and exercise that is satisfying and fun.

Baby Barbell: The Exercise Rattle for full term babies, too.

Magical Innovations Baby Barbell Rattle is the perfect toy not only for preemies, but for full term infants, too. We all want a little stimulation in our lives. But for babies, fun, excitement, and developmental stimulation may not be the same. So before you pick out your babies name or after you pick out your babies name, whether you have a girl or a boy, they depend on us to choose optimal toys that are not just exciting and fun, but also help facilitate and stimulate their development.

That is why our Baby Barbell Rattle, the exercise rattle is so important. We know that studies suggest babies like bright colors. That's why our toy is so colorful. Brilliant green, yellow, pink and summer sky blue, we don’t offer it in brown, beige or oatmeal. As newborns, babies have a great need to move. They want to begin to use their hands. They want to grip something. We designed our Baby Barbell with a narrow handle. It’s a perfect fit for a baby’s small hand. The right fit enables your baby to improve grip strength and eventually to pass the rattle from one hand to the other. Developmentally, this is an important step. The Baby Barbell is also very light and balanced. A less well made toy could be heavy to one end. If it's too heavy or unbalanced, moving it could be difficult or even painful. The baby Barbell has a very soft and gentle sound. Newborns are easily startled, so a toy that's too loud or that makes a harsh sound is not very comforting.

Colorful, safe, well designed, and with a gentle sound, Magical Innovations Baby Barbells are not just the perfect preemie first toy, it’s the perfect first toy for all babies. We’re very proud of our Made in American, Baby Barbell Rattle. We believe our rattle should be every baby’s first toy. Babies need us. And no parent would knowingly put anything less than the best in their child’s hands. At Magical Innovations we believe this wholeheartedly. That's why we worked so hard to design and create the perfect baby rattle. The Baby Barbell. Put one in your special little person's hands today.

Our Story, Why we are here today!about_us

This is our story. It begins with a dilemma. There are no toys for preemies.

Magical Innovations was founded by Vickie Dakin, a University of Florida trained physical therapist specializing in pediatric therapy for premature and physically challenged babies. Dakin, who has worked in the field for some 30 years, knew that more and more premature babies were not only surviving, but thriving as a result of today's advanced technologies, dedicated physicians and tireless parents. As with all babies, these very small miracles, once they were released from the NICU, needed stimulation and encouragement if they were to be happy and content. This situation is addressed by most parents when babies are full term by the introduction of toys. The problem Dakin encountered was finding a toy suitable for her extremely small patients.

"Very tiny babies have very tiny hands," Dakin asserts. "Their strength is diminished and even gravity itself presents a challenge for them. So, they need a very special toy, one that facilitates physical exercise, but designed especially for their unique needs."

With this in mind, she began to search for something suitable. But, she was stymied. Everything available was too large, too heavy, too loud, unable to be cleaned, the wrong colors, or in some cases constructed of very questionable and possibly harmful materials. Frustrated, but determined, Dakin decided that if a suitable toy couldn't be found for her tiny charges, then she'd design and create one herself. But what type of toy would fill so many needs? 

Her conclusion was to adapt for her fragile, little patients, the most basic of baby toys... a rattle. Now rattles have been about for centuries. They've existed as simple seeded gourds to artful creations of gold and silver encrusted with jewels…the later, being more suitable to the eye of an aristocratic parent than a baby. But what Dakin needed had to be more precise than a gourd, but just as artful in a special and functional way if it was to suffice. So, with a vision of what she wanted in her minds eye, she turned to a computer graphic artist and described to him her perfect rattle. And that rattle, which took form for the first time on the artists computer screen, is our premier toy which we present today.

Because of their unique shape and function, we named our rattles "Baby Barbell - The Exercise Rattle." And they are perfect little toys. Offered in blue, yellow, red and green, the colors research has found to be most interesting to babies, it is just the right size to fit tiny, fragile hands. Lightweight, even very early babies can lift and begin to control it. This action builds confidence and allows little ones to begin to exercise their upper bodies, (but don't tell - they just think it's fun) Made of hard plastic, our toy is easy to clean. The firm surface when brought to midline and then to small, but curious lips stimulates development of the facial muscles. Because it contains only a small number of chips, it rattles softly and soothes baby without a noisy startle. A continuous lateral line around the parameter of the rattle offers tactile stimulation to perfect, little, finger tips. And because our rattle is tested and made in the United States of FDA approved inks and plastics, it is safe and free of dangerous contaminants that could be harmful to little bodies. It is, in fact, and we're most proud to declare it, a perfect little rattle.

We know we could have produced a lesser product. But our Baby Barbell was conceived and designed to very high standards and expectations because we had to answer this question: Would any mom or dad ever put something less in the hands of their most perfect and precious possession?

Since Dakin, or Miss Vickie, as her moms and now even some of her patients call her, first began using the rattle in her practice, she noticed an unexpected development. Not only preemies, but full term infants, older babies, and many toddlers loved to play with it, too. Even when presented to adults, they shook, twirled and rolled the little rattle in their hands. It seemed to have a bit of universal familiarity and appeal for all age groups. And that is why we are so proud of it, why we offer it as our premier toy, and why we call it a perfect little rattle. And now you too can purchase the Baby Barbell at the Magical Innovations web site, Give it to your child, your grandchild or as a special gift for someone you love. And don't forget, for just a few moments, it's OK to play with it before you pass it on.

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Meet The Magicans

Vickie Dakin - Founder

Vickie Dakin

A pediatric physical therapist with 27 years of experience, Vickie Dakin received her BS in Physical Therapy from the University of Florida in 1977. Vickie is Pediatric Certified by the Neurodevelopmental Treatment Association, and a graduate of the NDTA Baby Treatment Course. Skilled in a variety of pediatric settings, Vickie served as Coordinator of the Pediatric Therapy Team at Tampa General Hospital in Tampa, Florida for 12 years and is currently in private practice. She is Vice President of the Freedom Playground Foundation, Inc., a project designed to create a Universal Boundless Playground, in conjunction with the City of Tampa. I was through Vickie's need and vision, that Magical Innovations came to be. To provide babies with Useful, Safe, and most of all enjoyable and pleasing toys. We at Magical Innovations, strive to produce highest quality toys, for everyone to use.

Jane Byrne - Creative Director

Jane Byrne

Jane Byrne's auditing and accounting experience spans more than 30 years. A former auditor for the United States General Accounting Office, the Tennessee Valley Authority, the Maryland Department of the Environment, and the Health Care Finance Administration, Jane is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Tennessee and a former disbursing officer for the United States Marine Corps. Jane received her BS in Physical Education from Maryville College in 1958 and an MS in accounting in 1971 from the University of Tennessee, where she taught accounting for nearly five years. Her ability to accomplish missions economically, coupled with her passion for children, makes Jane an invaluable asset to the M.I. team and a leader in the world of finance and distribution.

Bruce Gillis -Director

Bruce Gillis

We enticed our friend, Bruce Gillis, Vice President of Creative Consulting Team, Inc., to contract with Magical Innovations to work with our Sales Force to market our “Magical Toys for Special Kids”. We feel very lucky to have enticed Bruce into joining our Team. Bruce has worked with such companies as Conair Corp, Sunglitz, Inc., and Farouk Systems Inc. since 1988 as a Consultant in the areas of Sales, Marketing, Shows, Special Events, and Education. His experience and contacts places us in a competitive position to get out products out into the world. We’re very proud of our Made in American, Baby Barbell Rattle. We believe our rattle should be every baby’s first toy. No parent would knowingly put anything less than the best in their child’s hands. We all know that a bottle is in one hand of the baby and in the other hand, A RATTLE. It does not matter where you come from, what continent, what country, what religion, what ethnicity or even what time in history, a bottle is in one hand and a RATTLE is in the other hand. The Rattle is the first toy a baby has. Together we can, Shake, Rattle and Grow! Magical Innovations Baby Barbell, the Ultimate Baby Rattle.

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What We Believe

We believe all children deserve joy and laughter—regardless of their limitations.

By designing, manufacturing, and distributing incredible toys, we’re empowering children to feel whole, competent, complete, and honored.

What We Value

Integrity – We honor our word with deep respect. Count on us to tell the truth and to honor our commitments to both internal and external relationships.

Team – We include and inform everyone impacted by a project or decision. All team members set policies, determine outcomes, and make decisions that create the future of Magical Innovations.

Acknowledgment and Appreciation – We regularly acknowledge and appreciate our fellow employees, our customers, our vendors, our partners, and ourselves, for contributions made in support of Magical Innovations' vision and pursuit of excellence.

Full Self-Expression – We support full self-expression and respectful communication of creativity, ideas, concerns, and possibilities.

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