The Baby Barbell Rattle
by Magical Innovations.

The Baby Barbell Rattle
The Baby Rattle is the Worlds #1 baby toy, throughtout history
Designed by Vickie Dakin, a Pediatric Physical Therapist.
 The Perfect Gift for All Babies.     Light enough and small enough for Preemies.
Made in America
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  1.    Sale Price:  $12.95
    Sale Price: $12.95
    PB-0001: Package of 4 Baby Barbell Rattles Retail Price: $19.95
  2.    Sale Price: $6.95
    Sale Price: $6.95
    BC -0001: Blister Pack of 2 Baby Barbell Rattles Retail Price: $9.95
  3.    Sale Price: $6.95
    Sale Price: $6.95
    BC-0002: Blister Pack of 2 Baby Barbell Rattles Retail Price: $9.95

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Full Term & Buff
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The Exercise Rattle
Preemie Power
The Baby Barbell Rattle is the perfect toy for your delicate, but powerfully determined little preemie. Making it the Perfect Gift.
We know you want the best for your baby, and created the perfect developmental toy.
These babies might be small, but boy, do they have heart. Born into a challenging world, such tiny warrior's first toy should be an exceptional product designed especially for the developmental needs of preemies.  Read  below to learn more about our premium rattles, Baby Barbells, the exercise rattle by Magical Innovations.
It's Great for teething too. 
Exercise.   We all need it.  
We have designed a premium baby rattle that we call the Baby Barbell.  
At less that one ounce and just as cute as they are effective, our Baby Barbells can provide mechanical resistance exercise even for full term newborns. Babies love to move about and the correct rattle placed in their curious little hands by a devoted parent can promote development. We understand an infant's need for this most basic toy.
So we created one that is perfect.  
Our Baby Barbell Rattles,
the exercise rattle by Magical
Innovations are for
all babies full term as well as Preemies.
The Best Baby Gift!
The Baby Rattle Company is building bright futures by providing kids imaginative, fun and educational, developmental toys that inspire confidence and can-do attitude.
Our products are durable, latex-free, cleanable, and exciting - perfect for all babies - perfect for normally developing  babies and special needs babies as well.
Each therapist-designed toy is effective and can be used to advance the development of your child.
Expand your child's abilities with safe, fun, sturdy toys that inspire the senses.